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Clean Energy Legacies for a Sustainable Future

Solar Electric Systems

Solar electric generation produces no pollution or emissions.  The energy required to manufacture a solar panel is recovered in just 3-4 years of operation and the panels themselves will last 40-50 years.  Solar electricity reduces the effects of coal burning power plants such as mercury in our water and carbon dioxide in our air.

Off-Grid Systems
Off-grid systems are not connected to utility power.  This means that you produce all of your required power on-site.  Since solar panels only produce power when the sun is shining, power must be stored in batteries for use when the sun is not present.  Off-grid systems provide energy independence and are often cost-effective for remote locations with no existing utility service.  For a more detailed system diagram see the Off-Grid System Diagram.

Grid-Tied Systems
Grid-tied systems are still connected to utility power.  Instead of storing excess power in batteries, a grid-tied system sells it back to the utility.  These battery-free systems are lower maintenance and lower cost than an off-grid system.  Since the utility is still present, grid-tied systems need not provide all of the electrical needs of the building; the system can start small and be easily grown over time.  For a more detailed system diagram see the Grid-Tied System Diagram.

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