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Site Assessment
The best first step to using solar energy is to have a site assessment. A site assessment will provide you with details on: solar energy available at your site, possible mounting options for the system, cost estimates, a brief home energy use evaluation, and energy efficiency recommendations. Most importantly, a site assessment allows you to make a well informed decision.

Current pricing for site assessments can be found in our 2009 Price List. If you are in the territory of Focus on Energy, you can get 50% off the site assessment cost. To find out if you qualify and how to apply, visit Focus on Energy.

In addition to our complete site assessment described above, we also offer a less detailed (and less expensive) site assessment option. This assessment will include the most relevant information without the level of detail of the complete assessment. Charge for this service is by the round trip mile at the federal mileage rate. This type of assessment would not qualify for discounts from the state Focus on Energy program.
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